Dream Interpretation

Ever wondered what your dreams might mean?

In many instances the content, colours and symbols in your dreams have significant meaning. Dreams can carry messages of hope, guidance for situations and encouragement for your life.

Since biblical times God has used dreams as a way of communicating with people. The method we use is called the ‘Ancient Hebraic’ method of dream interpretation.

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Would you like some help from our trained volunteers to understand your dreams?

Please complete these 2 steps to submit your dream:

1. Please  send your dream to dreams@lightlife.org.uk with the following details:

Once your dream has been submitted we will endeavour to reply with an interpretation within 2 weeks.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions below before sending your dream.

2. Please give a donation through PayPal towards the cost of this service.

For other methods of giving please email dreams@lightlife.org.uk

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Submitting a dream for interpretation