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We are delighted to announce our:


that will connect you with the frequency of Heaven,

transform your life and

revolutionise your walk with God

Join us and journey deep into the revelatory realm using

biblical examples, keys and precedents to help you grow

in authority and confidence and advance several levels

in your prophetic gifting and ability

You will also be given opportunities for

personal ministry from our senior leadership team.

Our six-week course includes four full-Saturdays of face-to- face training and activations by members of our senior leadership team, as well as six weeks of: on-line teaching, exercises, homework and encouragement.

So if you want to:


Normal Cost: £80 per delegate, however, Early bird discounts are available at only £70 until 21st April 2018

(We want to make this school as accessible as possible, so we are offering our full school at a reduced cost of only £80 per delegate.  If you would like to come, but would struggle to pay this, please contact us and we will try to sort something out.)

Depending on space and availability, it may be possible to book individual days at £25 each.

Venue: Light & Life Central Offices, 8a Silk Street, Paisley, PA1 1HG

Outline of Course Contents

Day One, 12th May: (10 till 5.30pm)

Establish a biblical foundation for operating in the revelatory gifts and learn about the

different ways God communicates. Examine and unpack the lives of different biblical

prophets, glean practical keys from them, and discover more about your own divine destiny.

Day Two 26th May: (10 till 5.30pm)

Understand the nature of New Testament revelation. Discover what God thinks about you,

go deeper with Words of Knowledge, and learn how to receive and release: detailed,

accurate, precise and life-changing revelation.

Day Three 9th June: (10 till 5.30pm)

Receive teaching on Words of Wisdom and Discerning of Spirits. Understand how to

communicate with angels and other heavenly beings. Learn to practice and live daily in the

Presence of God more effectively.

Day Four 23rd June: (10 till 5.30pm and 7pm till 9pm)

Receive keys that will help you: stand before kings, prophesy over nations and stand on the

shoulders of giants. This session will also include advanced prophetic activations to help you

become the very best you are called to be.

Our school will conclude with a graduation ceremony where you will be commissioned and

receive impartations from our leaders in a celebratory worshipful atmosphere.

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