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At Light & Life we place great value on ensuring all of our volunteers are trained to a high standard in their chosen area. Our training programmes are designed to help you grow in gifting, faith and confidence.

St Albans - Training Day (Saturday 7th September (10am to 5pm))

Details to be released soon

Dundee - Training Day (Saturday 21st September 10am to 5pm))

Details will be released soon.

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Training Workshops

Some of our regular teaching workshops include:

Art: We can all learn to use our creative gifts to positively impact our own and other people’s lives. This workshop will help you find inspiring ways of expressing your own creativity and sharing God’s love with others through art.

Music: Playing, or listening to music is a great way to relax, enjoy God’s Presence, and bring others into encounters with Him. At our music workshops, you will not only learn how to improve your personal musicianship, but you will also learn: how to work effectively as part of a band; sound mixing techniques; song writing; creating atmospheres and much more.

Personality Profiles: We are all uniquely gifted. Knowing what our gifting’s are can help us move forward with confidence. This workshop will help you discover more about your own personality and help you to understand better how others tick.

Massage: Life can be full of tension and pressure. Massage can be a great way to help people relax with a caring, meaningful touch. This workshop will teach you basic massage techniques and show you how to give a relaxing hand massage to others.

Prophecy: Develop your confidence in discerning God’s voice through practical exercises, and bible verses, delivered by our experienced trainers.

Healing: Learn biblical principles and techniques for releasing spiritual, emotional and physical healing to others.

Dream Interpretation: Learn how to interpret the metaphorical symbolism of dreams and gain an understanding of what your dreams might mean.

Upcoming Training Events