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Destiny Encounters

A FREE, 45 minute appointment, with some of our most experienced leaders and team members.

At your appointment you will receive a personal prophetic word, plus you can choose one of options given below.

Healing Prayer Confidential healing prayer for any sickness affecting your body, soul or spirit.

Dream Interpretation Want to know what your dreams mean? Chose this option and receive a free interpretation.

Prophetic Art Receive a visual interpretation of God’s love for you from one of our gifted artists.

Destiny Encounters



at our

Paisley Office on Tuesday Evenings between


Personality Styles Choose this option to understand more about the person you were created to be, and how others around you tick.   

Massage Need to de-stress after a hectic day (or week)?  Select a free head, shoulder or hand massage from one of our holistic therapists.

Destiny Form