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Our community projects are aimed at ‘loving our towns and cities back to life’ by helping those who are disadvantaged (through the provision of food, clothing and other humanitarian aid); and by running various community-based clubs and workshops.  

You can read about some of our community projects below.

Community Projects

Love Govan & Love Gorbals Projects

Our Love Govan and Love Gorbals projects provide humanitarian aid and other assistance, to local people who are live in disadvantaged circumstances. This often includes the provision of food; clothes; and toys.

We also have local drop-in centres where people can pop in for a cup of tea, a chat and receive practical advice on personal matters (e.g. debt management, parenting, and anger management); and receive encouragement, counselling or prayer.

Night Tribes

Our Night Tribes Projects provide a safe drop-in for young people wandering about the city streets during the night hours. Our Night Tribe volunteers often work in partnership with local police, other emergency services, night clubs and local church organisations.

Creative Workshops

Our experienced trainers run community-based workshops in art, music, de-stressing massage techniques and personality styles.

Community events

Our teams partner with other organisations to bring light, life and joy to local communities through our community events and fairs. These events help bring communities together by providing fun-filled activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

To find out more about our community projects and drop-in centres, email us at info@lightlife.org.uk