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Light & Life exists to make Jesus famous.

When Jesus walked the earth he healed the sick, set the oppressed free and filled the spiritually hungry. His death and resurrection made it possible for each of us, regardless of our life history or background, to enjoy an intimate relationship with God.

Jesus still heals (body, soul and spirit) today.

Our aim is to demonstrate His love, power and miracles through the lives of our trained volunteers. We do this by combining creative gifts (e.g. art, music and massage) with prophecy and healing, allowing people to have life changing experiential encounters.

All of our events provide a non-threatening environment for people to receive direction, comfort, encouragement, healing and peace.

Founded in July 2007, Light & Life has grown from 2 to over 1,500 trained volunteers, as people have caught the vision and excitement of partnering with Jesus in this way.

Our goals include:

Establishing Light & Life events in

We will do this by partnering with local churches, believers and other Kingdom-minded organisations to build, train and release teams of creative and prophetically trained believers into the market place.

Our advisors include:

Andy Merrick: Leader Global Legacy, Scotland; Senior Leader Hope Church, Glasgow

Steven Anderson: Former founding director Healing Rooms, Scotland; Pastor Biggleswade Baptist Church, Bedfordshire

Jean Black: : Founding Director of Prayer for  Scotland

Cynthia Hayes: Leadership Team North Atlantic Dreams

Richard Mayers: European Director, YWAM

Alan McWilliam: Senior Leader, Whiteinch Church of Scotland

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