Welcome to Light & Life,

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We are a group of ordinary people, each with different backgrounds and stories, who have found spiritual fulfilment and freedom through Jesus.

‘Spiritual’ rather than ‘religious’,  our aim is to show people true Christian spirituality by demonstrating the Jesus of the bible through love, signs, wonders and miracles.

We also run a number of community projects which aim to ‘love our towns and cities to life’ by helping those who are disadvantaged (through the provision of food, clothing and other humanitarian aid); and by running various community-based clubs and workshops.  

What we do

Light & Life fairs

Experience a bit of Heaven on Earth in the incredible atmosphere of our spiritual fairs, more>

Our training events offer you the chance to grow in your faith, develop your spiritual gifts and enhance your God-given gifts and abilities,  more>

Training Community Projects

We run numerous community projects, aimed at ‘loving our towns and cities back to life’, more>